Steady Wisdom: Day 15

Steady Wisdom: 108 Days of Changing My Thinking

Day 15

I am not the body, which is a combination of material elements, nor am I a collection of the senses.  I am the self, different from both of these.
Aparokshanubhuti V.13

I am the self, as different from the body and senses as light from darkness.  How so? The body is insentient matter—but I am consciousness itself.  The senses know objects—but the senses themselves are objects to me, the conscious subject.  The body and senses come, go and change—but I, the witness of the body and senses, remain unchanged.  When gold assumes the form of a ring, its nature as gold remains unaffected.  Similarly, when I assume the form of the body and senses my nature as consciousness-existence remains unaffected.  I am the limitless self. OM. 

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