Vedanta is designed to be a dialogue between teacher and student. So if you have questions, let’s chat. Send me an email with your questions, or send me a request to do a one-on-one consultation over Zoom or Skype (no Facetime).

Answering questions via email is a free service, so I may post your questions on this site if I feel it will be a benefit to other people seeking information about Advaita Vedanta. If this case, all of your personal information will be removed or changed (such as your name or where you live).

If you want your questions to to be completely private, then contact me to set up a personalized video call. Video calls are one hour in length and are done on a donation basis. For now, it is up to you to decide what an hour of time with a skilled and knowledgeable Vedanta teacher is worth to you, because I am not comfortable with the idea of denying teaching to people simply because they cannot afford it. I need money to live just like anyone else but first and foremost, I teach because I want to help. There was a time when I too was desperately seeking out answers and the search for quality teachings was a constant source of frustration. 

Nonetheless, considering that most “advaita” teachers charge exorbitant prices for their so-called teachings sessions where they simply deny your existence and tell you to “do nothing because you’re already enlightened,” and in light of the fact that most authentic Advaita Vedanta teachers (such as the Swamis and acharyas of Arsha Vidya or Chinmaya Mission) rarely engage in personalized Q & A sessions, I feel that my time and expertise has value.

– Vishnudeva

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