Steady Wisdom: Day 14

Steady Wisdom: 108 Days of Changing My Thinking

DAY 14

This is the absolute truth: I am neither gross nor subtle; I neither come nor go; I have no beginning, middle or end; there is no higher or lower in me. I am immortal consciousness, ever the same like space.
– Avadhuta Gita 3:6

I am neither a physical object like the body nor a mental object like a thought. Unlike them, I neither come nor go, I neither begin nor end. Instead, I am ever-present as their immortal witness, consciousness itself. And yet, like space, there are no divisions in me: no higher and lower, real and unreal, subject and object, knower and known. In truth, I am non-dual reality and all appearance of difference in me is falsehood. As such, I take the various states of the body-mind in stride, recognizing them for the illusory objects they are.

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