Steady Wisdom: Day 16

Steady Wisdom: 108 Days of Changing My Thinking

Day 16

I have neither mother nor father nor children.  I was never born nor will I ever die.  The mind does not belong to me.  I am the absolute reality, always steady, never agitated.  I am immortal consciousness, ever the same like space. 
-Avadhuta Gita 3:22

The illusory body has a mother and a father—this is true.  But to say that I, immortal consciousness, have a mother and father?  That is false. I am existence itself, absolute reality, and whatever truly exists always has and always will exist.  So I cannot come into being—I have always been.  Therefore I was never born. 

The illusory body begets children—this is also true.  But to say that I, immortal consciousness, beget children?  That is also false.  I am existence itself, absolute reality.  I am one without a second, for what could exist but existence itself?  There is none other than me so nothing can truly arise or descend from me.  And that includes the mind; like the body it is merely illusion.  As such I am never subject to its wavering or agitation.  Like space, I remain steady and ever the same. OM.     

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