Steady Wisdom: Day 11

Steady Wisdom: 108 Days of Changing My Thinking

DAY 11

I am not limited by the body, senses, or intellect. Good and bad karma do not affect me in the least. Old age and death, hunger and thirst, grief and delusion do not touch me. I am none other than pure consciousness, the ever-free.
– Sarva Vedanta Siddhanta Sara Sangraha V.841

I am pure consciousness. The body, senses and intellect are known to me so they cannot be me—nor can they limit me. Good and bad karma, old age and death pertain to the body—they do no pertain to me, pure consciousness. Hunger and thirst belong to the senses—they do not belong to me, pure consciousness. Grief and delusion affect the intellect—they do not affect me, pure consciousness. I am untouched by them all. I am ever-free. OM.

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