Steady Wisdom: Day 12

Steady Wisdom: 108 Days of Changing My Thinking

DAY 12

Virtue and vice, pleasure and pain, belong to the mind, not me, the all-pervading one. I am not the doer or enjoyer. I am ever free.
– Ashtavakra Samhita 1:6

I am all-pervasive pure being—I exist everywhere at all times. How then could I be the mind which is limited to the body and subject to disappearance in deep sleep? That being so, I am free of the mind—I am unaffected by its various states such as virtue and vice, pleasure and pain. I am also untouched by the ego, the thought of “I” in the mind which claims the actions of the body-mind as its own. Because the ego is known to me, it cannot be me. Because the ego continuously vacillates between, “I did this” and “I am enjoying the results of my actions” it cannot be real. But I am real—the ever-present, unchanging, all-pervasive self. OM.

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