Steady Wisdom: Day 102

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 102

That one without a second, of the nature of consciousness, space-like, transcendent, ever-shining, unborn, indestructible, taintless, omnipresent—I am that.  I am ever-free.  OM. 
-Upadesha Sahasri 10:1 (Metrical)

I am consciousness, the self-evident reality, one without a second.  Nothing other than me exists, so there is nothing to limit me, there is nothing to taint me.  Like all-pervasive space is untouched and undivided by the objects it accommodates, I am untouched and undivided by the illusory objects that appear in me. 

Because I am existence itself, I was never born, for there is never a time when existence did not exist.  Because I was never born, I am not subject to death (destruction).  I am ever-free because I was never bound.  OM. 

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