Steady Wisdom: Day 103

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 103

There is nothing to grasp (understand or perceive) nor anyone to do the grasping.  I am not a cause or an effect.  I am not an object of thought nor am I beyond thought.  My nature is ever-free; there’s no maya for me.
-Avadhuta Gita 4:10

I cannot be understood as a concept or perceived as an object.  How could this even be possible considering that the mind, the instrument of understanding and perception, is not real?

I am not a cause because the supposed effect—the body-mind and world—does not really exist. 

I cannot be said to be beyond thought, as that assumes that thought is an existent reality that needs to be transcended.  But I alone am the self-existent reality and there is no thought in me.  I am free because there is nothing to bind me—not even maya, not that there is any such thing. OM.   

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