Steady Wisdom: Day 74

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 74

Just as space pervades everything, I pervade space.  I am changeless, motionless, pure, ageless, ever-liberated, one without a second.
-Upadesha Sahasri 12:19 (Metrical)

Like space, I do not change, I do not move, I do not decay.  Like space, I am untainted and unencumbered by the objects that appear in me.  Like space, I am division-less and one without a second.  

However, while all objects appear within space, space itself is an object that appears in me, consciousness-existence.  Further, while all objects depends on space to exist, space depends on me, existence itself, to exist.  The conclusion: I am ever-free—I depend on nothing to be the limitless reality that I am.  OM. 

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