Steady Wisdom: Day 36

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 36

I am not subject to change—there is nothing available to cause a change in me since I am one without a second.  Merit and demerit, liberation and bondage, do not apply to me, and I do not belong to any caste since I am bodiless.
-Upadesha Sahasri 10:6 Metrical

I alone exist so there is nothing outside of myself that can affect a change in me.  Nor do I change internally because that which truly exists never changes.  For how can something be said to truly exist if it appears one moment and is gone the next like an object in a dream?  Or how can something be said to truly exist if it is one thing one moment and something else the next moment, like milk transforming into yogurt?  

Because there is nothing other than myself, merit and demerit are mere illusion—I cannot be affected by an illusion.  Because I do not change I cannot be bound one moment and then liberated the next—I always have been, and always will be, free.  Because I am always the unchanging self, I am never the ever-changing body.  Therefore, society can never define me by the state or status of the body.  OM.  

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