Steady Wisdom: Day 17

Steady Wisdom: 108 Days of Changing My Thinking

DAY 18

That which has form is impermanent and unreal. I am formless, permanent and real. Knowing this, I am freed from death and rebirth.
– Ashtavakra Samhita 1:18

The definition of real is: permanent and unchanging.  For how could something be real if it is here one moment and gone the next?  How could something be real if it is one thing one moment and something else the next?  By that definition, the body and mind cannot be real.  They are mere forms, continuously changing transient objects that are known to me.  Being unreal, they cannot be me.  Being known to me, they cannot be me.  Only the body and mind are subject to death and rebirth.  Knowing that I cannot be the body and mind, I recognize that I always have and always will be free from death and rebirth.  OM.  

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