Steady Wisdom: Day 5

Steady Wisdom: 108 Days of Changing My Thinking


I have no family, lineage or social status.  I am not perceived by the senses. I am the unattached and formless witness of all.
-Ashtavakra Samhita 1:5

Family, lineage and social status pertain to the body alone.  They do not pertain to me, the witness of the body.  In truth there is no body—there is only me, non-dual existence.  So to whom can I be related?  From whom can I descend?  To what class of society can I belong?  To what can I be attached?  Unlike the body, I am not an object of the senses—therefore I have no form.  Having no form I am free of all qualities, all descriptions and all classifications.  This means I cannot be defined or limited in any way. 

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