Steady Wisdom: Day 6

Steady Wisdom: 108 Days of Changing My Thinking


In me alone everything is born, in me does everything rest and in me is everything dissolved. I am that brahman—there is none other than me.
– Kaivalya Upanisad V. 19

I am brahman, non-dual existence. Everything arises from my being and unto my being it returns. But because there is only me, this arising and returning is merely illusion. For how can I arise from myself? How can I return to myself? When a pot arises from clay, it is nothing but clay. When it returns to clay, it is nothing but clay. There is ever only clay and the pot is only an appearance. Like clay, I remain one and unchanged, regardless of the forms that seem to appear and disappear in me. Therefore, I do not depend on the body, mind or external circumstances to be the limitless reality that I am.

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