Steady Wisdom: Day 4

Steady Wisdom: 108 Days of Changing My Thinking


I am other than the mind so there is no sorrow, attachment, malice or fear for me. As the scriptures say, “The self is without breath and without mind, pure, beyond maya and yet its very essence.”
Atma Bodha V.32

Sorrow, attachment, malice and fear are states of mind alone—I am free from them all because I am other than the mind. It cannot be me because it is known to me. Nor can it belong to me, for in truth there is nothing other than myself. Because there is only me, consciousness-existence, there is nothing to taint me—I am ever pure. I have no breath because I have no body. Breath, mind and body are merely maya, illusion, and I am beyond maya. I am never affected by it even though I am its essence, the same way that water is unaffected by the wave even though it is the essence of the wave. Knowing this, I remind myself that the illusory world depends on me to exist and not the other way around. For how can anything be without me, pure being?

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