Steady Wisdom: Day 2

Steady Wisdom – 108 Days of Changing My Thinking

Day 2

I am ever-free of any attachment; I am existence, consciousness, bliss; I am the immortal, changeless self.
Brahma Jnanavali V.2

I am not attached because attachment is merely a transient thought in my mind.  If it comes and goes, how can it be real?  How can it be me, who am ever present as consciousness, the knower of the thought?  No thought can ever be attached to me because there is only me—pure existence, the essence of everything, seen and unseen.  I am by nature devoid of suffering.  Unlike the mind and body, I was not born and I will not die, for how can I, pure being, come into being?  If I have no beginning, how can I have and end?  Beginning-less and endless, I do not change.  All forms of experience in the states of waking, dream and deep sleep come and go like waves in the infinite ocean of myself.  I am the water of pure existence.  No matter what wave of experience arises in me, I remain unchanged. OM.

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