Steady Wisdom: Day 95

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 95

My nature is neither pure nor impure.  My nature is neither existence nor non-existence.  I neither have form nor am I formless.  My nature is the absolute reality, beyond them all. 
-Avadhuta Gita 3:45

To speak of one thing is to affirm the existence of its opposite.  So to say that I am pure is to affirm the existence of impurity; to say that I am existence affirms the reality of non-existence; to say that I am formless is to affirm the existence of form.

But I am one alone, without a second, without an opposite.  So while words can surely be used to point to my true nature, I can never be defined by words.  I am that “from which speech, along with the mind, turn back, unable to reach it.” At best, I can be described as, “Not this, not this.”  Knowing this, I abandon futile descriptions in the form of “the self is this” or “the self is that” and abide in myself alone.  OM. 

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