Self Inquiry For Tough Times

When life is going smoothly, it’s easy to do self-inquiry and say, “I’m not the body.”  But what about when the going gets tough?  Am I able to maintain my poise and distinguish between myself and the body when it really counts? 

It’s clear that at some point in time the body will die.  That’s as guaranteed as the sunrise and sunset so there’s not much point in being overly concerned about it.      

Besides, if I’m consistently dedicated to self-inquiry then it should also be clear that while the body will surely die, I will not.  I am the eternal, ever-present, unchanging self.  I was never born so I will never die. 

So instead of obsessing over the news, dwelling on political nonsense or indulging in fearful speculation, I bring my mind back to the knowledge that I am the self over and over again.  I remind myself that what will happen in the world will happen, regardless of whether I obsess over it or fear it.  But no matter what happens, I am always completely fine.  So while I’ll surely take the necessary precautions to protect my illusory body, I do it with with peace of mind, always remembering who I really am.  OM.