Steady Wisdom: Day 88

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 88

I am pure consciousness, not subject to modification.  In my true nature I have no relation with any object.  Established in my own self, I am unborn perfect infinity, extending to the front, the sides, below, above, everywhere. 
-Upadesha Sahasri 10:2 (Metrical)

I am pure consciousness. I never become the objects that appear in me, nor am I affected by them.  I have no relation with any object because objects do not exist.  Or alternately, I have no relation with any object because all objects are in truth nothing but myself.  Relation can only occur between two different things—but I alone exist so this is not possible. 

I am unborn, perfect and infinite.  Until this fact is perfectly clear, I meditate on this knowledge until my mind becomes firmly established in it.  OM. 

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