Steady Wisdom: Day 83

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 83

I have no attributes.  I am action-less, eternal, ever-free and indestructible.  I am not the body which is unreal. 
-Aparokshanubhuti V.27

This much is obvious: The body possesses attributes such as tallness, shortness, thinness, fatness etc.; the body performs action; the body is subject to beginning and end, to creation (birth) and destruction (death). 

This much is also obvious:  Because the body is an ever-changing collection of attributes that has a beginning and end, it is unreal; I am reality itself so I cannot be the body; further, I am the knower of the unreal body so for this reason too, I cannot be the body.

My firm conviction is: Because I am not the body, I am not bound by it; I am not defined or limited by its attributes; I perform no action whatsoever; I have no beginning, no end and I cannot be changed.  OM. 

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