Steady Wisdom: Day 79

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 79

For me who am ever liberated, pure, changeless, immortal and indestructible there is no hunger, thirst, grief, delusion, old age or death.  For I am bodiless and all pervasive like the either.
-Upadesha Sahasri 13:3-4 (Metrical)

The body appears in me, all-pervasive consciousness-existence, like an object appearing in space.  Just as space is untouched by the inherent defects of objects, I am untainted by the inherent defects of the body such as hunger, thirst, etc.  I do not need to be liberated from the body because I was never bound by it—for how could I be bound by an unreal appearance?  The unreal appearance called “body” is mortal and subject to destruction.  This much is obvious.  What is also obvious is that because I am unaffected by the appearance of the body, I immortal and indestructible.  OM. 

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Steady Wisdom: 108 Days Of Changing My Thinking

DAY 77

One who knows is neither happy nor miserable, neither attached nor unattached, neither liberated nor an aspirant for liberation.  They are neither this nor that.
-Ashtavakra Samhita 18:96

I am one alone, without a second.  I am beyond all pairs of opposites such as happy and miserable etc. because they do not truly exist.  If my mind is unshakably established in this knowledge, it is said to have steady wisdom.  But ironically, this knowledge shows that I myself am beyond wisdom, steady or otherwise—I am neither this nor that.  OM.   

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