Steady Wisdom: Day 100

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 100

I have realized my own self, which is bliss and peace.  Even though living in this world I am never bound in any way or under any circumstances.
-Dhyanasvarupam V.10

I am the self.  I am “bliss” because I am free from the limitations of the illusory body-mind.  I am “peace” because I am never disturbed by the state of the illusory body-mind.  Even when the illusory body-mind continues to live in the equally illusory world, I am never affected in any way or under any circumstances.  “Bliss” and “peace” are my very nature.  OM.

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Total Bliss


1. My understanding is that, after my body dies, I will remain pure consciousness. As my brain stops functioning, I lose my identity as a person immediately. No brain, no nerve activity, no mind, no intellect, no memories no thoughts, no life. In this state of being, am I (as pure consciousness) experiencing something at all? If so, what?

2. As I understand it, ‘Total bliss’ is a human definition for some kind of long term ‘elevated’ feeling. Therefore, the feeling of Total Bliss at the level of the mind/ego. If this is the case, how can I (pure consciousness) feel Total Bliss without a body?


Yes, when the body dies, you remain pure consciousness. 

The scriptures say that, in the case of those who haven’t gained self-knowledge, the mind continues after death.  Really though, there’s no way to prove that one way or another so I honestly don’t know what happens to the mind after death.  What I do know is that whether the mind is there or not, you’re there as pure consciousness. 

You, pure consciousness, never experience anything.  You only reveal the experience of the mind. So after death, if there’s still a mind present that’s having an experience, you’ll be there revealing it.  But you yourself, pure consciousness, won’t be experiencing anything. 

You’re totally right, bliss is a feeling that occurs purely at the level of the mind.  As pure consciousness you don’t feel bliss, with or without a body/mind/ego.  You only reveal the experience of bliss in the body/mind/ego.  But you’re never affected or touched by it. 

All my best, Vishnudeva 

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