Steady Wisdom: Day 86

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 86

I am neither the doer nor the enjoyer.  There is no karma for me, past or present.  I have no body nor is the body mine.  There is only me so what could be mine or not-mine? 
-Avadhuta Gita 1:66

The thoughts, “I’m doing this” and “I’m enjoying the results of my actions” are just that: thoughts.  Because those thoughts are transient, they can’t be real.  Because they’re known to me, they can’t be me.  Therefore, I am neither the doer nor the enjoyer.  For the same reasons, I am not the body. 

Because I am not the doer nor the body I perform no karma.  Because I perform no karma, I don’t reap the results of karma. 

But considering the fact that I am non-dual, it’s improper to say “I am not the thought of doership nor is the thought of doership mine” or “I have no body nor is the body mine” or “I have no karma nor is the karma mine” because I do not admit the existence of the doer, the enjoyer, the body or karma in myself, the one reality.  And that which does not exist can neither belong to me nor not belong to me.  OM.

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