Steady Wisdom: Day 78

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 78

I am always the same, beyond lineage and social status.  I am always the same, beyond cause and effect.  I am always the same, beyond division and unity.  Dear mind, you are none other than me.  There is no reason to grieve.
Avadhuta Gita 5:20

Lineage and social status belong to the body.  But as consciousness, the witness of the body, I am beyond (unaffected by) lineage and social status because they are objects known to me.

I am not a cause because the so-called “effect” of the body-mind and world are unreal appearances that upon investigation are none other than myself.  Since I alone exist, I cannot be divided.  If I cannot be divided, then I have no parts.  If I have no parts, then I cannot be a unity (collection) of parts.  I am existence itself, one without a second.  OM.    

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