Steady Wisdom: 7 Week Progress Check

Steady Wisdom:  108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 49

One who has the firm conviction, “this is done by the body and not by me, the pure self” does not act, even while acting.
-Ashtavakra Samhita 18:25

I, the pure self, do not act, even when the body acts.  I, the pure self, do not think, even when the mind thinks.  Therefore, I, the pure self, do not do nididhyasana, even when the body-mind does nididhyasana.  This is my firm conviction. 

After 7 weeks of nididhyasana, I remind myself that the primary goal of Vedanta is to help me see that I am the pure self, not the body, the mind or any combination of the two.  When I directly realize this for myself, I can patiently and objectively correct the behavior of my body-mind, all the while understanding that I am never defined or affected by the state or activity of the body-mind.  OM. 

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