Steady Wisdom: Day 24

Steady Wisdom: 108 Verses On Changing My Thinking

DAY 24

I am undifferentiated and formless like the sky.  I am the pure and stainless reality.  For me there is no division or non-division; no bondage, liberation or change.
– Avadhuta Gita 7:6

Owing to a trick of the eyes and impurities in the air, the formless and colorless sky falsely appears to be blue and shaped like a dome.  Similarly, owing to ignorance of my true nature, the pure and stainless reality that is myself appears to be the body-mind.  But like the sky I have no divisions nor am I a collection of parts:  I am one alone.  Because there is nothing other than myself, there is nothing to bind me.  Because I am never bound, I cannot be liberated.  I am the undifferentiated, changeless self.  OM.   

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