Book Sale: The Method of Early Advaita Vedanta – Michael Comans


I’m getting ready to move yet again and I have a massive book collection I’m tired of carting around.  It’s time to lighten the load so I’m getting rid of some great books I’ve already read.  

Next up is “The Method of Early Advaita Vedanta: A Study of Gaudapada, Sankara, Suresvara and Padmapada” by Michael Comans.  Comans, a longtime student of Swami Dayananda, goes back to the roots of the Advaita Vedanta methodology by analyzing and comparing the writings of it’s earliest known writers: Guadapada, author of the Mandukya Karika; Shankara, commentator on the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Brahma Sutras; Suresvara and Padmapada, two of Shankara’s closest disciples.  If you want to see where Advaita Vedanta as we know it comes from, this is a highly informative read.  This book is a hardcover in Like New condition with completely clean pages and no marks on the spine or cover. 

Lesser quality versions (acceptable to good) of this book are available on Amazon  for 33 to 69 dollars.  You can buy it from me on Ebay in “Like New” condition for 34.99, where other sellers are listing it in merely “Good” or “Acceptable” condition for a similar price.   

Currently, I’m not shipping outside of the U.S. because of the shipping costs.  But if you’re willing to pay extra, Contact Me directly and we’ll work out the details.