Book Sale: Himalayan Hermit-Life of Swami Tapovan


I’m getting ready to move yet again and I have a massive book collection I’m tired of carting around.  It’s time to lighten the load so I’m getting rid of some great books I’ve already read.  

Next up is “Himalayan Hermit: The Lofty Life of Swami Tapovanam.”  This is an excellent biography that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.  It’s the story of a man who was completely dedicated to the pursuit of self-knowledge.  And when he gained self-knowledge he was completely dedicated to dwelling in that knowledge.  He lived in the Himalayas with few creature comforts and avoided money and attention.  He never sought students unless they came to him.  Were it not for his most famous disiciple, the Vedantic giant known around the world as Swami Chinmayanda, Swami Tapovanam would be completely unknown. He once famously told Swami Chinamayananda not to bother spreading Vedanta to the masses (a practice that was virtually unheard of at the time) because it would not be appreciated.  Notwithstanding the countless number of people who in fact did not appreciate Swami C’s message, I am glad he ignored his guru’s advice! 

To today’s current crop of fame and money seeking “sprititual” teachers with their endless amounts of books, seminars and fancy retreats, take note. This man knew he was fullness itself and he lived accordingly i.e. like he didn’t need anything from anyone.   

This book is available on Amazon for 18 dollars.  You can buy it from me on Ebay for 15.99. This books is in Like New condition with completely clean pages and no significant marks on the cover or spine.   

Currently, I’m not shipping outside of the U.S. because of the shipping costs.  But if you’re willing to pay extra, Contact Me directly and we’ll work out the details.