Coming Soon?

When I announced my return to teaching, I had grand plans of cranking out a barrage of new material as fast as I could.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case because I’ve been busier than ever with other stuff.  Along with my regular full-time job I’ve picked up some additional side jobs and on top of that I’m in the process of mixing my new band’s first album while starting to write and record the second album. Whew! It’s been a lot of fun but it hasn’t left much time for teaching.

But rest assured, I AM working on new material, it’s just had to take the backseat temporarily. Sorry, that’s just what life is giving me right now.  But…once I get a bit more time here is what to expect:  I will use this blog to periodically write articles, not to unfold a systematic teaching, but to give my thoughts and opinions on various aspects of inquiry, practice, etc.  I’ve got LOTS of ideas lined up for this but if you have a request for a certain topic, leave your suggestion in a comment below and I’ll see if I can write about it in the future.

For unfolding the actual teaching, methodically and step-by-step, I am going to start an ongoing podcast. I was thinking about doing a video series again but since I’ve got all of my audio equipment set up, doing a podcast makes more sense.  At least that way, I won’t have to worry about combing my hair 🙂

So thanks for having patience!  I hope you’re looking forward to reading and listening to the new material as much as I am to making it.

In the meantime, on the off-chance that there are any fans of hip hop out there in the world of Vedanta, inquiry etc., you can check out my music project, ANTI-GAME, on Instagram.


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