A shift in perspective

=== Hi Vishnudeva, I wanted to get some clarity on an experience I had recently. Upon awakening a few mornings ago the experience was of an awareness of a shift of perception from that of Gary having awareness to that of me containing Gary. The quality of awareness didn’t change. It was the same awareness … More A shift in perspective

Moksha is not an object

=== Hi Vishnudeva, Thank you as always for your answer. I have been into this “path” for so long now because I know it to be true. There is nothing I want more in life than to attain moksha and live free. I am now becoming more and more dispassionate about things in the world … More Moksha is not an object

Maya vs. avidya

An answer to the question: “What is the difference between maya and avidya?  I have heard that Isvara is the self in association with maya and the jiva is the self in association with ignorance.  I was under the impression that maya and ignorance were the same thing.”