Purusha suktam

=== Hi, I was wondering please if you could tell me about purusha sukta. Vishnudeva: Hi Alice, nice to hear from you again. Purusha sukta is a hymn from the Vedas. This is how it begins: Thousand-headed is the Purusha, thousand-eyed and thousand-legged. Enveloping the earth from all sides, he transcends it by ten fingers’ … More Purusha suktam

Does the jiva benefit?

=== Hi Isaiah, 1. Does the jiva get any benefit from enlightenment? If yes, what is the benefit? 2. Another related question is should I ever care about jiva’s benefit? Because jiva is not me any way. 3. One of my problems is that I tend to use experience to justify my progress. I know … More Does the jiva benefit?

Different name, same self

Last week, I formally took the name Vishnudeva in a namakarana ceremony.  It was presided over by my longtime priest, Sriman Ubhaya Vedanta Venugopala Swami Gattu.  From here forward, I will use the name Vishnudeva on this site and in all correspondences. So why the change?  Because on a symbolic level, it more accurately represents … More Different name, same self